Why Sarah Vine ‘weeps’ for today’s young women

Only a few days into 2017 and tabloids are trying to pump patriarchal and misogynistic values into our society, that supposedly strives for equality. Sarah Vine for the Daily Mail wrote an article that angered many people over the way the article shamed women for being drunk on the busiest clubbing night of the year.

What angered me most when I read this article was that there was no mention of any males ‘shaming’ themselves on New Year’s, even though in one of the images used to humiliate a woman, there was a man in the background in the same, if not worse, of a state. Yet Vine doesn’t even mention his presence.


I do not see how these women should cause a fear amongst the nation for our future. They are neither ‘helpless’ or hapless’ as Vine calls them. In most photos it is just women on a night out making the most of what they have by either using bags to stop their hair from getting wet, or getting one of your friends to give you a piggy back home when you are too tired to walk.

Unless now preparing for night out by bringing socks to wear on your journey home for warmth is something to be deemed as disgraceful, then there really is no issue with the picture on the left.











Vine first talks about the dangers of binge drinking and the ‘mayhem’ it causes in city centres practically; this I will agree with. It is becoming an increasing problem in 2014, there were 8,697 alcohol-related deaths registered in the UK, 5,687 deaths were males. But of course, this is something that won’t be covered by tabloids who wish to repress todays women into turning back into a housewife from the 50s.

“These girls have grown up in a post-feminist society that tells them anything a man can do, they can do better. And that includes getting monumentally, catastrophically bladdered. Judging a woman for being drunk to the point of incontinence is not the done thing anymore.”

This is a statement  once made by Sarah Vine which further emphasises the motive behind this article to shame women in what is deemed ‘acceptable’ for a man to do.

What makes me ‘weep’ about this article is the possibility that  young women may have be influenced by this misogynistic view on how women should and should not behave, in order to avoid being publicly shamed online.

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