Another Essex University NUS Referendum?

The NUS is a confederation of Students Unions which supposedly represents you and defends your interests. But is it time to leave this sinking ship, along with many other universities around the country?


In 2014-2015, the University along with the SU paid in total £38,185.78 for us to be part of the NUS. This year they want us to pay £52,000 and the one to follow will be £60,000. With our number of students increasing year by year so will our fees from the NUS.

We make a net loss of £28,046.89 because of the NUS. If we disaffiliate, we can get that money back and spend it right here, on projects that really benefit us. We could even save £42,000 a year. 


NUS has many services that some universities no doubt benefit from, but Essex does not use them. We have already left their food consortium so we could offer our students a wider range of food at cheaper prices, so why not disaffiliate with NUS totally?

I spoke to some students in squares and one of them said that they think we should stay because “we vote for who represents us for NUS at Essex so clearly we have some say in what is going on”.

Unfortunately only 1% of students at Essex voted in this poll for who represents us at NUS meetings, on top of this there is also over 800 delegates at these meetings. So the chances that we get a say in what goes on at NUS is very slim.

We had a vote on this issue last year and we decided to stay. But us as students have started another petition about having another referendum because we are still not happy with the ever increasing fines.

If you would like to sign this petition then click here

I interviewed two first year students who go to The University of Essex, as they are the ones who will have to live with the decision wether to stay or leave the NUS.

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