Fast Food Fact or Fiction?

  1. Frozen treats from McDonald’s aren’t actually dairy products.  FALSE
  2. KFC stopped going by “Kentucky Fried Chicken” because it stopped using actual chicken meat.   FALSE 
  3. It can make you sad  TRUE
  4. Some of it has silly putty in it    TRUE 
  5. Kids meals are weight-loss friendly for adults  TRUE 
  6. Taco Bell’s burgers are only 35% meat   FALSE 
  7. McDonald’s uses fillers in its Chicken McNuggets  FALSE
  8. McDonald’s burgers contain so mich sugar they put pickles in them so that they are not sold as confectionary   FALSE 
  9. McDonald’s burgers don’t decompose  TRUE 
  10. Acid in Coke can dissolve a tooth overnight if left in it   FALSE 


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