Twitter shares its leap in live streaming technology

Shares in Twitter have leapt almost 25 per cent since it reported high profits last week, as investors have become encouraged about the new live-streaming deals.

Twitter is working with media firm Bloomberg to create a 24-hour rolling news channel for the messaging service.

This could help Twitter compete with other big social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter’s profit would also rise as they will have more revenue from advertising. However, this is such a drastic change to twitter will its audience increase or decline due to this new service?


Facebook has recently suffered a lot of criticism for now having adverts in the middle of adverts. As there is already an abundance of advertising on this site it has angered its users as they can’t even watch a short video without adverts interrupting them.

Bloomberg’s chief executive Justin Smith said “Viewers have already embraced a multi-stream experience with live events and marrying those experiences seemed like a very powerful thing to offer to consumers,” he told the Wall Street Journal

Audiences who found out about the 24hour live stream were concerned initially as they were unsure if it would be available on mobile devices.

But Twitter’s chief operating officer Anthony Noto said the stream would be designed for mobile devices so audiences can “focus on it when they see something interesting to them”.

This new streaming service could be very effective as over only 3 months in 2017 they streamed 800 hours of film without any issues that Facebook has been having with its new live stream feature.

Twitter officials say that they are planning the release for Autumn 2017, and that they predict it will cause a surge of activity on Twitter.


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