13 Reasons Why: Season 2 CONFIRMED

*SPOILER ALERT* if you have not yet watched this series then read this article at your own caution as it may give a way a few cheeky spoilers.

It’s the series everyone has been raving about and it’s back for another series. “But how can it have another series, we know what’s happened to Hannah Baker” i hear you scream. Here are just a few reasons why 😉

There are multiple possible story lines that could be the basis of series two and i will tell you what they are here.

School Shooting 

One of the main revelations in the finale was that yearbook editor Tyler, who is played by Devin Druid has  guns stashed in his bedroom in a box under his clothes. Tyler was the only person on Hannah’s tapes who was isolated by the other students in the tape.

Later in the final episode, Tyler is in the photography room looking at photos of the students. None of the students have been nice to him at school this could mean he wants to do something drastic to show them that he too has power.

A possible main target is our beloved Clay, because he was the one who spread the naked picture of Tyler around the school, which made Tyler’s life even worse.

Will the next series be about the shooting itself or will they have ’13 reasons why’ Tyler did it. Tyler isn’t a character we would want to spend getting to know, but maybe that’s the purpose of this series—Tyler is alienated to the point where even the viewer doesn’t like him, but maybe if we saw things from his perspective, everything would change.

Alex alive or dead? 

Alex at the end of series one, shot himself in the head, we were told very little on this matter only that he had gone to hospital and had a skull fracture.

Does this mean that one of the favourite characters has died and is also another victim of   Liberty High’s suicides or has he survived?

This gives an opportunity to explore the idea of “suicide clusters”, an awful phenomenon that was highlighted two years ago at high schools in Palo Alto. The link between Hannah’s suicide and Alex’s attempt is pretty clear, Alex is shown cleaning his room shortly before his suicide attempt, just like Hannah.

There’s also a fan theory suggesting that Alex’s gunshot wound was not done by him, and that the photograph moment with Tyler actually meant that Tyler shot him.

alex 13 reasons

Bryce Rape Trial 

Since the big reveal at the end of theories when Justin finally admits to his girlfriend Jessica, that he let his best mate Bryce rape her when she was unconscious at her own party. Bryce raped both Hannah and Jessica.

The finale shows us that Bryce’s crimes will not go unpunished as Clay has a taped confession from Bryce, whilst Jessica begins to tell her father about what happened to her, and Hannah’s parents have received the tapes and are listening to them.

Season two will definitely involve Bryce with the rape trial, and more broadly on high school rape culture and toxic masculinity around the ‘bro code.’

jess cry 13

Parents suing the School 

Now Hannah’s parents now have the tapes it is very likely that they will have a strong lead and possibly win the case. It is possible that the parents will not blame the school but the counsellor who was a name on the tape as Hannah told him she wanted to kill herself the day she did it and he did nothing. This would most likely not be the main story but a side story continuing on with the rest of the plot.



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