Players Vs. Psychos

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Recently, there has been many issues surrounding sexual liberation for both genders. It is a known fact that females are ‘slut-shamed’ but now it is becoming more of a thing for boys to face as well being called players and ‘f*ckboys’.

There is a lot of awareness that slut shaming is something that is known to be unacceptable, although yes it does still happen. But there is not as much coverage on how calling a boy something like a player or a ‘f*ckboy’ is also not acceptable.

We did a vox pop with some students from the university and here is what they had to say

Vox Pops – Sex Stereotypes

Max Wendorf-Brown, 22, Bio-Chemistry
When asked whether he thought girls or boys got more stick for being sexually liberated, Max, a 22 year old student studying Bio-Chemistry said: “I’d say females. With something like this, girls talk about it more and boys are less likely to be truthful and admit they’ve called a girl a ‘slag’.”

Oscar Griffiths, 20, Management and Marketing
When asking how Oscar, a 20-year-old studying management and marketing, how he felt when being referred to as a ‘fuck boy’ he said: “It didn’t really matter to me, their opinion. It’s someone else’s opinion, that doesn’t define who I am. I don’t care what people say. Yeah, it definitely would mean more to someone female because they get a lot of bad rep or being called slags and being sexually promiscuous. Yes I have referred to somebody in this way, there was a reason behind it, but it wasn’t necessarily a nice thing to say.”

Naledi Odiseng, 18, Philosophy and Sociology
Naledi, an 18 year old student currently studying Philosophy and Sociology, when asked if she herself had ever stereotyped someone for being sexually liberated said: “I don’t know how they felt, because I don’t know if it was to their face, do you know what I mean? It was more among friends. Say the term ‘fuck boy’, some boys get really sensitive about it and get defensive. Girls get really offended and then some don’t. Some see it as a pathetic attempt to be sexist. Girls get the most stick for being sexually liberated, because it’s just the whole ideology of how women should be pure and well behaved.”

Alexander Jones, 20, Biology

We asked Alexander, a 20-year-old student, studying Biology, who he thinks gets the most stick for being sexually liberated, females or males. He said: “Females. Because you hear of a lot of females being called slags and sluts and you don’t really hear it that much about boys really. It’s hard to say whether or not this is because of the way different genders and the media handle this sort of thing. It’s a complex situation with lots of factors.”

Jack Williams, 19, Law 

Jack, a 19-year-old Law student admitted: “I’ve been called and stereotyped as a ‘fuck boy’, but I didn’t care. I’ve stereotyped people in this way myself. Girls would probably care more and they probably get more stick to be honest.”


Medina Sheikh, 19, Law

Medina, a 19-year-old Law student stated: “I’ve definitely been stereotyped as a slut. It was a bit of a shock because at the time I hadn’t actually become sexually active. It was just branded on me, for no apparent reason. Yeah, definitely, I’ve stereotyped boys and referred to them as ‘fuck boys’, but in all honesty I think it boosts their confidence. It’s more ego boosting and accepted being called a ‘fuck boy’, rather than someone who’s loyal. Guys will be guys. There’s a quote: ‘if a key opens many locks, he’s a master key, whereas a used lock that can be opened by many different keys becomes broken and worn’. It’s not fair.”


Memunatu Kamara, 23, Mathematics
Memunatu, a 23-year-old studying mathematics admits: “I’ve been called a slut. It didn’t make me feel like anything, because I knew I wasn’t at that time. They said those things because of my sexual activities with my boyfriend at that time. But I was still a virgin. Women get the most stick and I don’t think it’s fair at all because of the way that boys sleep about; girls should be given that freedom in the same way.”

Isamara Pereira, 18, Philosophy and Politics

Isamara, an 18-year-old student, studying philosophy and politics explains: “I’ve been stereotyped in this way many times. I think it made me feel quite really think about someone else’s feelings when you’re calling them something quite rude, but I think it probably makes them feel bad. I think women get the most stick, but at the same time we’re doing it to ourselves. I think it’s because of traditional norms for females, obviously it goes back to the 1900s, when women were only allowed to be with their husband, whereas the man was allowed to be with as many people as they wanted and it was considered fine. I think that the media has elevated it to some extent, but also the fact that we’ve been changing our behavior ourselves. Women are more sexually liberated, we are more inclined to do whatever we want and therefore, sometimes unfortunately we get called these names.”


Samuel Battersby, 21, Computer Science
Sam, aged 21, studying computer science states: “Yes I’ve been stereotyped. I didn’t really have any feelings towards it, I didn’t mind to be honest. It didn’t hurt me. I’ve probably referred to someone in this way in passing as a joke, but not in any sort of serious sense. Females get the most stick, probably because a lot of people see it as easier to get laid as a female. A guy has to put in a lot of work. 

 Stefan Dunstan, 19, Sports and Exercise Science

Stefan, 19 a sports and exercise science student said: “Yes I’ve been referred to in that way. It made me feel sad. Females get the most stick; because of the way society is today. You just see girls as being more of that and not really of boys. Boys would kind of get respected for it, but girls are looked down upon.”

Tayo Odunaike, 22, Actuarial Science 

Tayo, a 22-year-old actuarial science student says: “I’ve never been called either of those things or referred to anyone in that way. Women get the most stick. I feel in our generation now, women are standing up and talking about their sexual loves, whereas before it was deemed as like, an abomination. Now women are being more open about it, people are finding it very hard to accept. I think that’s why women get the stick; with men it’s encouraged. I do think women do it to themselves though, calling each other ‘sluts’. You don’t hear men calling women ‘sluts’.”

Ryan Catton, 18, Economics
Ryan, an 18 year old student, studying economics responded saying: “Yeah probably, a good amount of times yeah. Makes me feel pretty lit. I’ve most definitely called people ‘sluts’ and ‘fuck boys’. All the time. My best mate is ignoring me; all he cares about is girls. He’s just a ‘fuck boy’. It’s probably boys who get the most stick. They’re always called ‘fuck boys’; they’re always the ones chasing the ladies. Sometimes the girls get it, sometimes the lads.”

The idea that men are not as emotional to such things is uncomfortably familiar topic, similar to that of men having higher suicide rates than women, so since finding this out why are we still constructing the idea men have no emotions?

Through these interviews it is clear that boys care just as much as girls although they may not always admit it.





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