‘Annabelle: Creation’ Review

In Annabelle: Creation we see the origin of the famous Annabelle doll that we have seen in two previous Conjuring films. We join Samuel Mullins, the doll maker and his wife Esther and their daughter Annabelle. After an unfortunate accident killing Annabelle, the couple grieve the loss so badly they barely leave their farmhouse. Another accident caused Esther to be bedridden with a china mask covering half her face. They welcome a nun and a group of girl orphans into their home who of course open every sinister locked door in their new home, leading to an array of terrifying events.

The series of these films that are produced and directed by James Wan are uniquely clever and a thrilling old-fashioned horror.

Due to this high expectation, I had I was confused and somewhat disappointed when I saw that this film was to be about the creation of the doll when in the previous Annabelle film, we saw the doll getting possessed by Annabelle Higgins. However, my doubts were lifted after watching this film as they tied the two films together perfectly, and in my opinion, it made the previous Annabelle film even better.

Things that are fundamental to the majority of peoples’ childhoods are always seen as a great element of a horror. Ranging from clowns that are meant to make kids scream with laughter causing actual screams, to dolls that we loved to take care of, taking care 😉 of us.

Annabelle: Creation has just excited me more and more about the next upcoming releases of The Conjuring 2 featuring the demonic nun and the possible development of The Crooked Man film.

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