Should you be friends with your ex?

After recent studies done by Oakland University, researchers Justin Mogilski and Lisa Welling have finally answered the question that’s been on everyone’s mind at least once in their life.

The study itself was looking at whether there was a correlation between ‘dark personality traits’ – such as psychopathic tendencies, narcissism and duplicity – and wanting to still be involved with your ex-partner.

The study interviewed 860 people on the reasons they stayed involved with their exes, they were then surveyed to see if they had any dark personality traits.


Dr. Tony Ferretti, who is a narcissism expert said that the people with dark personality traits tend to stay friends with their exes because they know their exes “weaknesses and vulnerabilities which makes them feel like they have power and control”

The results were that, the subjects found to have dark personality traits were more likely to stay close with their exes for ‘practical and sexual reasons’.

So next time you think about messaging your ex, think of this article and whether you should be their friend.

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