Animal Crossing App Review

There has been plenty of anticipation for Nintendo’s latest app release ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’. Animal Crossing was originally released on Nintendo’s portable devices in early 2001 and was a craze for practically every child that had a Nintendo DS. By looking at the name of the app I’m sure you might gather that this is not in the original setting of you moving into a new town, but you arrive at a campsite. It also features most of the original characters as well as some new friends you can make along the way.

The essence of the game is taking life slowly, be it fishing and collecting peaches or strolling around the various areas. But, the slow-paced life is what fails this app; there is not much to do apart from using your supplies you earnt from fishing and gathering to create furniture in order to make more friends, which after about an hour gets very tedious.

In-app purchases were long ago accepted as the way we can have apps for free. When Nintendo tried to charge an extra fee for the full access to Super Mario Bros the public did not react well, which is probably why this app is free.

You can speed up the process of some things, but only for a cost. Nintendo has introduced a new feature called leaf tickets which you can earn by completing tasks or buying them. This new feature is quite unsettling, considering this games target audience is children and it frequently advertises that you can purchase these tickets.

Nonetheless, the app is still enjoyable due to its relaxing nature. Both of which are the original games best feature. This game is probably more suited for very young children to play here and there on their parents’ phones. The game is definitely not as big a trend as first predicted when the release was announced.


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