Cheating: The Social Norm?

Cheating has become more prevalent throughout recent years, especially through the media and social media.

Social Media: 

Having social media, myself I have witnessed people mock those who have been cheated on, laughing that the cheater is “so sly” or “savage”. People who write things like this publicly clearly cannot be aware of the hurt that cheating can cause.

What kind of world do we live in that making fun of someone’s heartbreak acceptable and deemed as funny? These tweets are prime example of how people have begun to glamourise and normalise cheating.

I am in no way defending the initial tweet of the girl who exposed someone’s phone number without their permission, as this is also wrong. However, if people wanted to ‘rebel’ against her actions they could have done it in many other ways that did not praise a cheater and hurt someone who is already in pain.

In 2017 1 out of 3 men and women admitted to cheating on their partner, compared to 2001 1 out of 5 men and women admitted to cheating on their partner.

The Media – Television: 

I feel peoples lack of empathy has been fuelled by the media. Rubicon has recently released an advert called ‘fruity fling’ that comes across as if it is promoting infidelity in a cartoon.

In this advert, the female water has had affairs with multiple fruits to make the ‘children’ water and fruit drinks.

This is an advert that is seen by children all around the nation who are seeing the breaking of trust between a husband and wife as comedy, laughing that the person who has been cheated on is a ‘fool’ for only just realising.

The fact that this is in a cartoon makes it no less influential on people’s opinions on this topic and i find this upsetting that such a major brand should use such a hurtful theme to promote their new drink.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 20.56.11


The Media – Celebrities: 

Unfortunately, some people who are in the lime light also promote cheating as the norm, one case i stumbled upon is something Amber Rose, someone who has been cheated on said in an interview.

Not only is this a harsh and very wrong judgement on men but it also suggests that it is ‘ok’ if you don’t find out because that means he loves you, which is an awful suggestion to make to thousands of her influential fans that look up to her and take her opinions to heart. 

Overall, i believe that from looking at this article and points similar on other pages, it is clear to see that the world is normalising cheating more and more. It could be partially due to the mass use of technology, along with technological determinism that we see these opinions so often on our screens that it has started to really influence the way we live in society.


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